Kate Moss For Top Shop: London Ladies Go Crazy

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  • Ladies, start your engines: Kate Moss has a new Top Shop line! "Two hundred of the coveted red pansy dresses were sold in the first hour and a half," writes the Telegraph's Hilary Alexander. For the love of God RUN, don't walk, and buy everything you can right now. This is the 'Sex and the City' of clothes, people! [Telegraph]
  • Never a dull moment for Marc Jacobs, who is channeling Andy Warhol for an upcoming cover of Interview magazine. Page Six reports that he got Andy's actual wig flown in for the occasion, as he should, because Marc Jacobs can do anything! He's a superhero! [NY Post]
  • Jennifer Lopez and Ashley Olsen drooled at Francisco Costa; Donatella received a "Superstar Award" from Fashion Group International (they couldn't think of a better name?) and Angelina Jolie loves Nike. [WWD]
  • This just in: Savannah, GA is awesome! Follow up to yesterday's story about designer John Galliano calling in sick to SCAD's graduation: As it turns out, designers the school and Galliano is often flaky. "Savannah is the physical jewel of the south," adds Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley. [WWD]
  • Ew, this Dov Charney video is weird. It's cartoon of either people making fun of him or him making fun of him (probably the former) but either way it gave me douche chills. [Adgabber]
  • Anonymous New York model is suing a jewelry company for using her hot, writhing, naked, orgasmic image without consent. Methinks she will win said suite.[Newsday]
  • Rihanna may be in talk to team up with Victoria's Secret to create her own line, because if there's one thing really young pop singers know how to do, it's panties. [Elle Girl]
  • The company that owns American Sporting Goods wants Kelly Ripa's face to help boost sales. That'll work! (I'm not being sarcastic. Everyone loves this chick, including me). They're gonna launch a Kelly Ripa line of apparel and footwear in the fall, and Ripa has been helping with the designs; "When I was traveling, I found a kimono fabric I loved and a Mayan symbol from Mexico that I thought would be great." Wait, I just said I loved her? [WWD]
  • UK's Next Up Model finalist Leanne Nagle says she was made fun of when she was a wee young thing. Who wasn't? [Telegraph]
  • Accessories designer Elizabeth Muir goes to a third world country, rips off Afghani goat-rearing gypsies, and creates a new clothing line. Well, some call it ripping off. She calls it "inspiration." [Yahoo]
  • Wet Seal is going bonkers. Besides hiring Ashlee Simpson, the retailer is starting an interactive website. [Fabsugar]
  • The company that owns Bill Blass, Athlete's Foot, some ice cream chain no one's ever heard of, and a bunch of those stands you see at the mall (Pretzel Time? Great American Cookies?) is going out of business, the New York Times reports. [New York Times]
  • This fascinating article is about the copper rivets on blue jeans and how one lucky man owned the patent instead of Levi Strauss, who couldn't afford to buy it from him. [Wired]
  • Lace is looking like it's going to be pretty important in 2009 as designers glom on this vintage inspired, ever-so-romantic fabric. Call me Madonna from the Like A Virgin video and sign me the fuck up! [WWD]
  • Here's a good project for an 8th grade economics class: try to come up with an original name for a brand. Turns out everyone will fail, as coming up with an unused brand name is proving almost impossible. Fisher Price never had it so good. [LA Times]



I'd like to preface the forthcoming comment with: This is not an idealization of or an expression of nostalgia for the antebellum South. Moving on-

As the only city in Georgia not destroyed by Sherman in his march to the sea, Savannah is home to many of the oldest buildings in Georgia (the transplanted ones at Stone Mountain don't count). Yes, plenty of random structures in south and west Georgia were unharmed, but in terms of collective pre-war architecture, Savannah is pretty much it. I personally think it's a beautiful little city, and seriously, Charleston as competition? Really? Maybe it's the fact that Charleston was the site of nearly all of my elementary and middle schools' overnight field trips that makes it seem dated and irrelevant (like, Charleston is to cities what dudes with loud boardshorts and puka shell necklaces are to menfolk).

That said, I'd be happy to live my entire life without ever having to deal with Savannah's society and "culture", if half-baked nostalgia and racism can be called such.