Kate Middleton Wore the Same Dress as Kim Kardashian

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Kate Middleton wore a red Alexander McQueen dress to the Queen's Jubilee celebrations this weekend that was — gasp — previously worn by Kim Kardashian. (Kim's version lacked sleeves.) It was additionally worn last summer by Tulisa (above right), which must be some British thing we don't have here. [WWD]


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Meanwhile, Karl Lagerfeld live-Tweeted the Diamond Jubilee and offered his commentary on French television. Among his thoughts: "I asked my parents to buy me my first TV set so that I could watch Queen Elizabeth's coronation," said the Chanel designer. Of Middleton's red dress, Lagerfeld said, "She's showing us that the small of her back is just as lovely as her sister's." (That is such a delicate way to refer to the shapeliness of the Royal ass.) "It is surprising in the 21st Century, in a modern city such as London, to find oneself inside a Canaletto painting," he then remarked of the scene. "The Queen is mysterious but human. Without mystery, it wouldn't work." More bons mots: "The rain gives the scene a sort of poetry that a sunny day wouldn't. This weather makes the ceremony more surreal." [@KarlLagerfeld]

  • The Dress Barn is said to be looking to change its name, maybe because women don't like to think of themselves as livestock, or shopping for dresses in a barn. Under consideration is Roz & Alli, the brand name of a new line of maxi-dresses Dress Barn recently introduced. [WWD]
  • Sophie Theallet is doing a collection for the Limited, which will be in stores and online this November. Prices aren't yet available, but Theallet says she's looking forward to "bringing the luxurious nonchalance of my aesthetic to an affordable price point." The Limited, which has been trying to turn itself around, sales-wise, had designer collaborations with Kenzo, Gerard Darel, and Sonia Rykiel in the 80s. [WWD]
  • Anna Wintour emailed to invite us to dinner yesterday. If you subscribe to Democratic National Committee emails, then you may have unexpectedly seen Anna Wintour's name pop up in your inbox yesterday. Wintour was — somewhat passive-aggressively, leading with a mention of deadlines and whatnot — reminding folks to pony up cash for a chance to meet the President, along with Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey, and Wintour herself, at a fundraiser in New York. "I don't do this sort of thing often — get involved with politics, that is," said joked the editor, who has personally given over $96,000 to Democratic candidates since 2004, and who is one of the Obama campaign's top-tier "bundlers," responsible for raising over half a million dollars. "But I'm doing everything I can to support President Obama this summer and fall because it's important that we all do." [Inbox]
  • Vogue writer Chioma Nnadi says that the piece of advice she's most frequently given by her editor, fashion news director Mark Holgate, is "Don't over-think it." Has anything Vogue has published in the past 20 years even approached the red zone for "over-thinking"? [Garance Doré]
  • All five of the designers nominated for this year's Swarovski Womenswear Award for emerging designers — Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty of Suno, Joseph Altuzarra, and Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters of Creatures of the Wind — say that of all the designers nominated for CFDAs this year, they'd most like to meet Rei Kawakubo. Shame she won't be attending in person. [WWD]
  • Jones Group has acquired a majority stake in Brian Atwood for an undisclosed sum. [WWD]
  • Helmut Lang's sculpture "Front Row," which is a row of five white chairs, will be displayed in Barneys windows. [Vogue]
  • Fred Perry is relaunching its Raf Simons men's wear collection — an interesting move considering he is now the creative director of Christian Dior. [WWD]
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier will again show both men's and women's couture clothing at the Paris couture week this summer. [WWD]

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