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Kate Middleton Is the Only One Who Remembered

Illustration for article titled Kate Middleton Is the Only One Who Remembered

ALDERSHOT, ENGLAND - MARCH 17: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge poses for an official photograph during her visit to Aldershot Barracks on St Patrick's Day on March 17, 2012 in Aldershot, England. The Duchess presented shamrocks to the Irish Guards at a St Patrick's Day parade. (Photo by Chris Jackson-WPA Pool/Getty Images)


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Kat Callahan

Can I be petty for just a moment and comment on how absurd it seems for the Duchess of Cambridge to give SHAMROCKS to Irish Soldiers in the Queen's Service? You know the English once banned the wearing of the green, no Irishman could celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and shamrocks were forbidden.

I guess it's good and all, it means perhaps some of the wounds are healing, but it leaves me with very ambiguous feelings...

My father's side lost their land in Ireland to my mother's side because of the English occupation- Scotch-English transplants in the 1600 and 1700s, so the whole Ireland/England debate is one that is actually central to my identity and things like this always make me uncomfortable.