In an interview for the December issue of Elle UK, Kate Hudson reveals that she is losing 20 lbs. for a role; has no problem with cosmetic injectables; "loves" boys and thinks bloggers are mean girls:

Some choice quotes from the issue, out Wednesday:

Losing weight to play a terminally ill woman who falls for her doctor has been rough, because Kate can't have cocktails: "And I love my glass of wine. I love tequila. To be in New York for two weeks and not have one beverage! I'm not sure I've ever done that."


The interviewer asks her what she weighs, which is kind of rude, but Kate says: "I'm pretty solid, actually. I'm not, like, 110lbs. But I'm probably heading towards that." (The Elle writer notes that her arms are very toned and "Her jeans are tight and she looks amazing from behind.")

Moving from the body to her skin: It's her face and she'll freeze it if she wants to:

"I was in a press conference once, and someone says, 'So, I can tell you've never had Botox!' Is that a compliment? Or are you trying to say I'm starting to get wrinkles? I literally was like, 'What?' Everyone's so obsessed with who gets Botox, but it's great! Are you kidding? The fact that women can avoid going under the knife, and get a little Botox treat and not have to worry about it? I'm glad it's there for when it's time."

On boys:

"I sometimes feel like when you're talking to boys, they just hear certain keywords… But if you had a bubble above their head, they'd be thinking about game scores, masturbation and food."



"I love boys… but I believe they're really simple. Every guy likes to say that they're complicated, but they're so easy to figure out. What did that Dr Laura say? Something like, 'All men want is sex and for you to make them a sandwich.' I thought that was really funny – and not entirely untrue."


On being a female:

"I love being a girl. I love clothes and I love the rituals of facials and body treatments, all the stuff girls get, make-up, scarves, hats. And we're like a tribe. That's just our nature. You get a group of women together and, somehow, we keep it together. I love that we can be that powerful, as a group. Men, you know, it's survival of the fittest."


Lastly, she says of bloggers talking shit:

"It's like having a girl talk badly about you in high school. It's so juvenile and base. Not liking an outfit, OK, I get that. OK, let's all laugh at somebody's outfit. OK, you don't like it; you can make a funny joke about it. And if you have a good sense of humor, you can take it. It's happened to me; I got panned at the Oscars one year. But a lot of my [Hollywood] peers are really beautiful people. Really, really nice. And everyone's doing the best they can. It's not a negative world; it's quite positive. And for people to want to switch it and make it negative, because it makes them feel better, that's really bizarre."


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[Images by David Slijper courtesy of Elle Magazine.]

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