Kate Gosselin Tells Her Story

In Kate: Her Story—an hour-long interview with NBC's Natalie Morales that aired last night on TLC—Kate Gosselin opened up about her estrangement from her parents, meeting Hailey Glassman, and why she chooses to remains in the spotlight.

Kate says that in retrospect, she cuts Jon some slack for how hard she was on him, but it's obvious here that she thinks he's an immature asshole.

Kate is currently estranged from her parents and three of her four siblings.

Morales grilled Kate about how she's creating her own tabloid mess by remaining in the public eye. Kate's response was pretty much: "That was way harsh, Ty." (Notice how the Kate Halloween wig is sitting next to Natalie, like a lap dog. They never talked about it on the show.)

Kate described her one meeting with Hailey Glassman.

Mostly though, Kate asked, and answered, her own questions.


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