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Kate Gosselin Rips Down Jon's No Trespassing Sign

Illustration for article titled Kate Gosselin Rips Down Jons No Trespassing Sign

At this point, whenever I come across an article about Jon and Kate Gosselin, I feel like I'm reading the plot of a wacky Goldie Hawn comedy from 1987, wherein the main character runs around yelling, "I'll show you crazy!"


In today's Gosselympics, Kate has torn down the misspelled no trespassing sign that Jon placed in front of the estranged couple's home late last week, which warned TLC crews to stay off the property or face a severe "penelty." Unafraid of said "penelty," and irritated at Jon's attempt to stop the production of Kate Plus 8 Kate has taken down the sign, and she plans to call Jon out on his "I want to work things out/I'm stopping the show for the children" bullshit on Monday's Today show.

Meanwhile, Radar is also reporting that the couple have come to an "informal custody deal," and that Jon is anxious to get out of his TLC contract in order to start working on his long-rumored Divorced Dad's Club project with Michael Lohan. Both parents seem eager to ensure that their television projects are protected and allowed to thrive without being interrupted by very public displays of nastiness, pettiness, and overall insanity. Too bad they can't say the same about their kids.


Exclusive: Jon And Kate Gosselin Reach Informal Custody Deal [RadarOnline]
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I can't compare this lunacy to a Goldie Hawn film, because 1) I like Goldie Hawn and find her quite funny sometimes and 2) there is no one that remotely resembles Chevy Chase or Kurt Russel in this thing.