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Kate Beckinsale is playing ex-New York Times reporter Judith Miller in a movie about the whole Karl Rove-Scooter Libby-Valerie Plame-yellowcakesterfuck. Only in the movie, they change her name to Rachel and give her a husband played by David Schwimmer. And "Rachel" is portrayed as a courageous and truthseeking reporter as opposed to an ambitious tool of Dick Cheney, and the whole thing is shot in Memphis in the fictional newsroom of the Washington Capital Sun which is helmed by a sassy black editor played by Angela Bassett as opposed to a series of white guys, and all that sorta makes it funny that the movie was called Nothing But The Truth. But Kate Beckinsale had lunch with Judith Miller a few months back, it turns out, and guess what? The actual Judy Miller did turn out to have one thing in common with the movie Judy Miller!

[Beckinsale] described Miller as "elegant, candid, bright, extremely pretty" and more "delicate" than she expected.


Hmmm. Delicate! Spoken like a recovering anorexic! Oh wait!

(Also, read the story. Writer makes less of an attempt to conceal his contempt than Kate/midriff.)


Hollywood Plugs Its Tale Of A Leak [Washington Post]

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