Karrueche Tran Gives Questionable Apology for Stupid Blue Ivy Comment

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Karrueche Tran is facing a ton of backlash for delivering a tasteless line mocking the "uncombed" hair of Blue Ivy, an infant, on BET's 106th & Park. Thus, she has taken to Instagram to apologize.


Beneath this photo of her smiling and flashing a peace sign is the following caption:

Past two days have been extremely draining.. As I geared up for a big day for myself - hosting a live show.. I never expected things to turn out this way.. I apologize to any and everyone who felt offended in any way by the comments made by BET executed through me.. I would never disrespect anyone's child in any way and anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Beyoncé. My comments have been in complete shambles.. yes I am human too and yes I do make mistakes.. But all this negativity and death wishes are quite a lot.. Definitely a lesson learned from here forth.. Again, on behalf of MYSELF, my sincerest apologies ❤️ #BeyHive

All of the defensive build-up — the "sorry if you were offended" sentiment especially — isn't really necessary or helpful. A simple "On behalf of MYSELF, my sincerest apologies" would have probably sufficed. [Bossip]

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Baby Suri's dog, Honey ("who still answers to her original name, Maple") is missing in Calabasas. She is a tan chihuahua, and there is an $1,000 reward being offered for her safe return. Oh nooooo. I hope that The Dog Formerly Known as Maple is able to safely and quickly find her way home. [Page Six]

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Neil Young and his wife Pegi who have been married for 36 years and collaborated a ton over the course of their relationship — are getting divorced. A rep for Neil Young had no comment; the divorce hearing is scheduled for December 12th. So sad! [ONTD]

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Emma Golddigger

That comment about Blue Ivy was stupid and mean, but making fun of kids is wonderful when it's done right. There are rules though:

1. When in doubt, make fun of your own kid.

2. The more absurd you are, the less mean-spirited you sound.

3. Be funny.

Another great game is making fun of kids to their faces. A couple years ago we're at Thanksgiving dinner and my aunt eats a cookie off her oldest daughter's plate. My little cousin whines, "Hey! You took my cookie!" My aunt goes, "Well, you took my youth."

What are your favorite jokes at the expense of children?