Karl Lagerfeld Slapped His Cat's Name on Some Tacky Accessories

Karl Lagerfeld has borrowed on his cat Choupette's star power for a line of clothing and accessories coming this fall. Unfortunately, it is nothing I want. (As though I would pony up hard-earned American currency for cat-inspired designer items in the first place, when there are perfectly good Etsy stores.) (Yeah, I probably would.)

That is according to Women's Wear Daily, which reports that a line of clothing and accessories starring "Monster Choupette" will arrive in stores November, under Lagerfeld's own label. This is of course not the first Lagerfeld project with Choupette's name attached. He's already done a makeup collection supposedly inspired by his feline companion. It was not, however, such an utter misfire. I find it hard to believe such an elegant creature would sign off on this:


Quelle horreur! Can we get a court-appointed brand-management team for Choupette? Good lord.

Photos via Karl Lagerfeld.

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