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Karl Lagerfeld’s New Store Has iPads in the Dressing Rooms—for Selfies

Illustration for article titled Karl Lagerfeld’s New Store Has iPads in the Dressing Rooms—for Selfies

So it's come to this. Clothing stores are now picking up on the hot new trend to self-portraiture and the age-old tenets of consumerism by installing iPads into changing rooms. So that customers can take selfies while they're trying on clothes, put filters on them, and send them to their friends. And at the helm of this new fad is none other than Chanel mastermind Karl Lagerfeld.


His brand spanking new London flagship store (which opened last Friday) also has iPad minis "integrated" into the display racks, so customers can peruse the entire collection online while they're in the store. I guess if there's one thing fashionistas love, it's redundancy. The whole thing seems gimmicky and exactly how fungal infections get spread and information gets stolen.

Personally, the last thing I want is a camera installed into a changing room I'm using, but Karl Lagerfeld has willed it and so it shall be.


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Uhm, nope? Let's break it down to the simplest form - there should never be any camera lenses not under your own control pointed at your person in a changing room. Period.