The "film series" Karl Lagerfeld made starring Rachel Bilson is kind of bizarre and awesome. As was its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Rachel Bilson is straight-up gorgeous in this Poiret-esque confection.

I don't understand why Robert Tagliapietra and Jeffrey Costello aren't a perennial Halloween staple — maybe because they're already kind of in dandy lumberjack costumes, and that many levels of costumes are just confusingly pomo.


Christian Siriano, after-dark.


Aurelie Claudel, in the kind of effortless Franco-chic that's so hard to replicate.

Kim Raver flirts aggressively with frump-city, to mix stupid metaphors.


Ajak goes for striking simplicity.

Elettra Wiedemann models Christmas Cracker Chic.


Diane Birch is ready for a close encounter of the John Hughes kind. Which you can hardly blame her for.

Charlotte di Calypso takes the sugar out of blush; love it.


Crystal Renn.

Normally, I wouldn't dig this print, but the sleek shape keeps DJ Kiss looking super-chic.