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We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Karl Lagerfeld Is Making A Silent Movie (It's "Laugh-Packed")

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Karl Lagerfeld is directing a silent movie. Obviously. "Expect a fast-paced, laugh-packed and loose interpretation of Gabrielle Chanel’s adventures between 1913 and 1923." Riotous, we're sure. [WWD]
  • We had heard, of course, about the new Chanel fishing rod. However! Until now we had not seen its quilted case and dainty tackle box! [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Hermes heir grabs a pilot's crotch, punches him in the face. This was perceived as interfering with the flight. [NY Times]
  • Lauren Conrad's fashion show was apparently standing room only. Although given that the front row was propped up by Lo Bosworth and Holly Madison, we're guessing it wasn't exactly Anna Wintour clamoring to get in. [Yahoo News]
  • The new high-end J.Crew store really nails the pulse of the times: "The first thing you see inside the store is a jacket covered in hand-painted French sequins to look like tortoiseshell, with a price of $3,000." Again, if you had that kind of money...wouldn't you go somewhere else? [NY Times]
  • Want to watch a weird cartoon Mariah Carey ask you to design a dress for her perfume/breast cancer awareness/publicity? Look no further! []
  • Marc Jacobs on heels: "I don't always wear high heels...I always get nuts when women go, 'Oh, men don't know what it's like — women in heels, women in skirts, women in dresses — what it's like to suffer for fashion.'..Although I've always wanted to be taller, which is the real reason I wore them, I also thought I can show that I, too, will suffer for fashion." Natch he found the pain a small price to pay. [NY Mag]
  • In other Marc Jacobs news, he's getting into swimsuits. [WWD]
  • You'd think I'd kind of give an automatic thxbutnothx, but these whimsical temporary tattoos by artist Julia Pott are so bizarre and almost Edward Gorey-delicate that I'm actually drawn to them. Not to wear one, but, you know. [Nylon]
  • Pierre Cardin: "The future of fashion is sleeveless...Who needs sleeves anymore? You need to be able to move and be comfortable. To layer. Seasons don't exist like they used to. Now it's cold in summer and hot in winter...Fashion needs to look forward." [Media Bistro]
  • Michelle Kwan is starting a clothing line. But before you roll your eyes - it's athletic wear! [New York Magazine]
  • The HuffPo further explores its newfound fascination with middle-aged women's flaws by examining Sarah Palin's blush. [Huffington Post]
  • Gisele nets Dior Spring. That's a coup to a moddle, btw. [Fashionologie]
  • Independent]
  • Harper's Bazaar is studded with crystals. Does that make it harder to recycle? [MagCulture]
  • Liz Hurley's the new face of Blackglama Furs. We know someone who's not going to take that lying down, and his name starts with a "P." [The Sun]
  • Calvin Klein breaks into furniture with two lines, lower and higher-end. It looks kind of like you'd expect. [NY Times]
  • Bobbi Brown's latest beauty guide sounding suspiciously like her other beauty guides. [WWD]
  • Heidi Klum's got milk. "Posing with a prize-winning milking cow, she wears a traditional Bavarian maid's outfit and pigtails in the image." [VogueUK]
  • We were psyched that Fashionista did a spread on "winter day dresses," but the token cheap ones are by far the worst. [Fashionista]