Karl Lagerfeld: Britney Is A Bird Of Paradise

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  • It's unclear exactly why Karl Lagerfeld presented Britney with a German Bambi award, but that affects the awesome not a whit! Quoth the Kaiser, "[You are] coming back not only as a phoenix, but as a bird of paradise." [New York]
  • British fashion writer claims that "judging by the pictures of Madonna's recent outfits...she is in a very dark place indeed. " [Daily Mail]
  • Please prevent moddle Kylie Bax from speaking. What is the supposed misconception about Australia she feels needs to be dispelled? “That the Aboriginals are cannibals...They are actually sweet, gentle people.” Glad to have it cleared up, because no one we know was confused about that. [WWD]
  • Is anyone else inexplicably psyched for Vogue: The Movie? [WWD]
  • American Apparel is a sensation in England; we predict a backlash in five...four...three... [Guardian]
  • Dov says they want to become "the urban brand...to the world." [The Street]
  • If you think it takes a real sleaze to make Dov look like a choir boy, then you're right! Enter Keith Fink, esq! [Hollywood Interrupted]
  • Weirdly, the New York Abercrombie and Fitch has become a big tourist attraction. That's the one that (allegedly) has shirtless hunks as doormen. [NPR]
  • Kat Von D on her new cosmetics line: "I never let people see me without makeup. And it's not an insecurity thing. The perk of being a girl is being able to wear makeup and dress up. It's another artistic outlet." [LA Times]
  • Akon has, like, four clothing lines! [People]
  • Are bespoke Savile Row suits being made on the cheap in Africa? [Independent]
  • Why Diana loved her (super-80's!) "caring dress": "She happened to wear that dress when visiting a hospital, and children seemed to clamour round and like it. If you are like the Princess of Wales, who loved children, you don't want a strictly formal suit for a hospital visit. You pick a very informal dress with bright colours, which that dress was. The reaction is one of awe from young children." [Telegraph]
  • Marc Jacobs and LV do an homage to Stephen Sprouse: “I proposed putting together a Vuitton version of the Pop Shop, which was Keith Haring’s concept…not reissuing products that we had done with Stephen, but doing things that were similar or new,” says Jacobs. [WWD]
  • Wait, what? Hadley Freeman claims that leopard print is Christmas apropos! Is this a British thing? [Guardian]
  • Claudia Schiffer, the Hollywood sign's "Y", for YSL. [WWD]
  • Stella McCartney steals away Lanvin's business director. Will the faux fly? [Reuters]
  • Is "the Bathing Ape" actually a global fashion icon? Rizzoli says yes! [Time]

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I used to be mildly intrigued by American Apparel, and I wished I could wear their clothes. But their introduction of the "unisex" pant enlightened me to the fact that AA sucks. Hello, girls and guys have different junk, we need different pants. Unisex skinny jeans my (feminine) ass...