Kardashian Sisters Befriend Homeless Man, Make Him Go Away

On last night's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the girls got freaked out by a homeless leprechaun-type man who was loitering near their upscale clothing store, fearing he might scare off their customers (who apparently are anti-homeless men, but are OK with purchasing clothes in a strip mall from an amateur porn star). Khloe's "conscious" got the better of her, so she and Kourtney asked their mom what they should do. She said, "This is a great time to tell Khloe that it's not always about us." Meaning, "It's also about our reality show, and creating a plot." So the girls decided to help the guy out by shaving his beard, paying for his dentures, and driving him far, far away from Calabasas. I'm really starting to like how the girls always talk like they're on quaaludes.

Oh, and another thing, the subplot of the episode was that their brother Rob went on a date. The idea of him dating a stripper came up, to which Kim replied: "My brother is not dating a stripper. That's sick." She's really arbitrary when it comes to deciding what's appropriate and what's not. Dancing for dollars? No way! Golden shower scene for a homemade sex tape? Yes, sir!

She decided she needed to find him "a nice normal girl." So she set him up with Kara Monaco, Playmate of the Year, 2005. But whatever, why does he need help finding a date? He's totally cute.


He kinda has gay eyes though. Speaking of gay eyes:


After Shorty's makeover, he looked like an old lesbian.

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