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Kardashian & Jenner Step-Siblings Had Inappropriate Crushes On Each Other

The E! True Hollywood Story about the Kardashians and Jenners aired last night, and it chronicled how this "modern day Brady Bunch" came to be. The short version is that Bruce Jenner is basically Johnny Appleseed, and Kris Kardashian was an airline stewardess who hit the jackpot when she hooked up with an older Armenian lawyer and popped out four kids before she realized she was too young to be married. Then Kris and Bruce fell in love, got hitched, and their eight kids all got along — including prepubescent crushes. (Ew.) Clip above.


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I was totally charmed by this THS, and I watched it with the intention to mock and disdain. Bruce Jenner is adorable. Hilarious, even. And the family actually seems like... a family. I guess I'm cynical about Hollywood, but I suppose if you're going to have three fame-whoring daughters, you would want them to turn out like this. As in "not too fame-whoring." They seem to genuinely like their jobs (also, can I just give props to Bruce, Kim and Robert K. for making these kids work? I doubt any of their socialite friends can say they were ever required to make their own spending money), their family, and their position in Hollywood. And I have to say, their reality show is fabulously Brady Bunch-esque.

Oh god, when did I start liking the Kardashians?!