Kanye West Loses His Shit After Losing At The VMAs

The clip above is more of an audio file than a video, as it was obviously taken on the sly backstage at the VMAs. Kanye West is bugging out because he didn't win any awards that night, for the second year in a row, and threw a complete hissy fit. (Oh yeah, they were giving out awards. We vaguely remember something like that going on in between the trainwrecks and fistfights.) Anyway, even Kanye had "Britney Fucking Spears" on the brain during his meltdown. That girl is so ubiquitous right now.

RAW VIDEO: Kanye West's Backstage Meltdown! [YouTube]


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@nyobserver: Wouldn't be surprised if he leaked it himself. He's said more than once that he'll do anything to get more attention. The whole stupid garbage with 50 Cents is just a joke too. He does like to throw girlie fits though!