Kanye West Just Wants to Fix Your Broken Pant Leg

A rose by any other name doesn't always smell as sweet, according to Kanye West.

Before Kim Kardashian, he was just a single, bachelor rapper who'd drive down the street and look at women as walking billboards. Now, thanks to the Kardashians, he's a family man who wants to fix our hemlines, if only we'll have him.


Via James Harris at Complex:

"Before, when I drove down the street I would see these brands and think they're really desirable for a girl who would dream of one day walking in that runway show or something like that," said West. "And that's a, you know, dated view and degrading to women, in a way."

But living with "all alpha females and a daughter" for two years has softened Yeezy into the kind of guy who might quietly lift a piece of lint from your sweater and not tell you, because he wouldn't want you to feel embarrassed or put down by his preening, which is just an act of love for all of womenkind. Know what I mean?

"You know those photos that you see with me getting on my knees in front of the paparazzi to fix Kim's pant leg?" West said. "That's what I want to do for the world. I want to get on my knees and fix everyone's pant leg, if they'll have me."



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And speaking of romance sex: according to "a source," new mom/Eastern European/black swan/the actress formerly known as Jackie from That '70s Show Mila Kunis likes to take charge in the bedroom—much to Ashton Kutcher's delight, who, according to the same source, "just likes to lay there," which, I'm sure, is everything Mila dreamed of when she married Kelso. [VH1]

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