Kanye West: 'In Order to Win at Life, You Need Some Kim K Skills'

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Kanye West is on the cover of the August issue of GQ. In the accompanying interview, he says a lot of Kanye-stuff, covering such topics as the forty-five minute toast he reportedly gave at his wedding, his love for Kim Kardashian, why being a dad is cool and which rap is the best rap of all time (hint: his rap).

The interview is very long and covers a wide swath of subjects, as one would expect. Some highlights: Kanye spoke a lil' bit about the Instagram of him and Kim getting married, because of course he did. The topic of the one 'gram to rule them all came up during a conversation about the "creative class system" and how he believes he's changing the world by bringing together people from very different industries and walks of life (fashion and music and reality TV!):

And my point was, they leave Kim out of [the creative class system or whatever].

And my point is, they were all at her wedding.

A skeptic would say that's because of you.

But when an Instagram photo gets 2.3 million likes—

Your wedding photo, which is currently the most liked photo on Instagram ever.

That's because of who?

I don't know.

Don't say you don't know! It's because of Kim. Meaning there's no photo that I would have put up by myself, or next to one of my smarty friends, that would have got that amount of likes. So now you take this photo that has that amount of likes, and it has a flower wall from the same guy who does the Lanvin shows, and it has a couture Givenchy dress and Givenchy tuxedo in it. That's the point. Now the thing that is the most popular is also communicating the highest level of creativity. The concept of Kimye has more cultural significance than what Page Six could write.


AN INSTAGRAM IS NEVER JUST AN INSTAGRAM. He also opened up about why he chose to marry Kim, via a Step Brothers ref:

Like they said in Step Brothers: Never lose your dinosaur. This is the ultimate example of a person never losing his dinosaur. Meaning that even as I grew in cultural awareness and respect and was put higher in the class system in some way for being this musician, I never lost my dinosaur.

Kim is this girl who fucking turns me on. I love her. This is who I want to be next to and be around. And then people would try to say, "Well, you know, if you're a musician, you should be with a musician, and if you want to design, you need to be with a girl from the design world." I don't give a fuck about people's opinions. Because when a kid falls in love with an airplane or a bike or a dinosaur—especially if you're an only child and it's not because of the book that the sibling was reading—it's like, fuck, you mean to tell me that the dinosaurs walked the earth and stuff like that?! That's amazing! You mean to tell me that these giant multi-ton crafts can fly that fast and that loud, and they can flip, and there's danger, the possibility of them exploding? That's fucking cool! You mean to tell me that this girl with this fucking body and this face is also into style, and she's a nice person, and she has her own money and is family-oriented? That's just as cool as a fucking fighter jet or dinosaur! And just as rarely seen.

Towards the end of the interview, he says, "History's gonna be harder to make than I thought." But he does have a plan: "What I had to learn from Kim is how to take more of her advice and less of other people's advice. There's a lot of Kim K skills that were added. In order to win at life, you need some Kim K skills, period." [GQ]

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