Kanye West Screams About Set Issues and 'Fake Ass' Taylor Swift in SNL Backstage Audio

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In an alleged backstage audio from the night of his Saturday Night Live performance this past weekend, Kanye West can be heard screaming about Taylor Swift, Stanley Kubrick and Apostle Paul.

Page Six has referred to it as an “epic meltdown,” reporting that West threatened to leave SNL. In the audio, he complains about the set, saying/yelling: “Look at that shit. They took my fuckin’ stage off of SNL, without asking me. Now I’m bummed. That and Taylor Swift, fake ass. Now I ain’t gon’ do this. We breakin’ the motherfuckin’ internet.”

He also screams “Don’t fuck with me!” and invokes some famous names: “Stanley Kubrick, Apostle Paul...” whatever that means.


Listen below.

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Rapunzel's Frying Pan

Kanye West has always been eccentric- to say the least- but the past week makes me genuinely wonder if he’s having a serious breakdown of some sort.

(Edited because my typing skills suck.)