Kansas Representative Issues Non-Apology After Calling First Lady 'Mrs. YoMama'

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An embarrassing Republican has issued a textbook non-apology weeks after forwarding an email that called First Lady Michelle Obama "Mrs. YoMamma" and implied that she and the Grinch were twins separated at birth. He's sorry people got mad. He didn't mean to offend anyone. But can we all agree that the President and First lady are black? I mean, what's up with that?!


Representative Mike O'Neal, who I'm sure has at some point remarked that there's no White History Month, sent the email to a group of lucky recipients before Christmas. Contained in the forward was an image of Michelle Obama during a bad hair moment alongside a picture of the Grinch who stole Christmas and a message of holiday greetings from "Mrs. YoMama." (YoMama's so stupid, she went to Princeton and practiced law at Sidley Austin!)

When The Lawrence Journal-World got hold of the email, O'Neal was quick to backpedal, saying that he missed the whole "YoMama" part and that he forwarded the message too quickly. Perhaps he was coerced into sending the email due to a few lines at the bottom of the message that promised that if he sent the message to 20 people in the next 24 hours, his crush would like him back, or a warning that said he'd have bad luck forever unless he forwarded the email along. Why he so urgently felt the need to send that message to his contacts without reading it, we'll never know.

But this YoMama incident isn't the first adventure in forwarding for the lawmaker. O'Neal's greatest email hits also forwarding around that tired old meme that nutjobs love, the one where they quote Psalm 109 and say it's a prayer for the President, except LOL-4-EVER it's about wishing that a man would die and that his family would have a terrible life. Those right wingers. So clever with their secret Bible code that no one in the entire world besides them has figured out. Anyway, O'Neal kind of wants the President dead, but he wants God to do it so that he doesn't have to go to jail. He hasn't apologized for that yet.

Head slapping over how a grown ass adult is sending out juvenile racist shit and calls for Presidential assassination aside, Speaker O'Neal, I believe I speak on behalf of everyone you know who is under the age of 45 here when I say this: unless you are my friend and you're sending me your travel itinerary because I'm picking you up from the airport, or unless your mom tried mushrooms for the first time and wrote a big thing about how we are all made up of vibrations, do not fucking forward anything, ever.

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The whole "no white history month" thing reminds me of when I was a kid and I would protest that, while there's a Mother's Day and Father's Day, there's no Kid's Day. And my parents would always respond "That's because every day is Kid's Day".

(And they were right)