KA-POW! Batgirl Schools Batman on the Federal Equal Pay Law

This past weekend celebrated the 49th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, the law designed to end wage discrimination based on gender. It's something we take for granted now, but do you realize there was a time when even a superhero like Batgirl couldn't catch a break? Keep that in mind when you preorder your ticket for Dark Knight Rises.

Vintage PSA for the Equal Pay Act...Starring Batgirl! [Sociological Images]

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Does the length of time a position has been held matter in pay calculations?

I'm not familiar with this particular iteration of Batman, but usually Robin has been employed longer than Batgirl, which could be why she is paid less.

However, if Catwoman was working for Batman I would expect her to be paid more than Robin, since she usually pre-dates him in most stories.