JWoww's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Ex

On last night's episode, it was revealed that JWoww's ex-boyfriend might be a monster after he moved out of her home leaving behind her dogs, who had to fend for themselves for days, locked in a house with no ventilation.


During the episode, JWoww had broken up with her boyfriend Tom after the two haven't been able to speak cordially to each other for seemingly the whole season. On MTV.com's "Hookup," JWoww explained how—when he moved out—he had left her two small dogs locked inside in 100+ degree weather, with no ventilation or air conditioning, for two days before she finally broke into her own home to save them.

And while he left the dogs behind, he managed to take other items with him, like her Tempur-Pedic bed, a watch she'd received as a graduation present (not from him), all of her business files, an unknown amount of money he withdrew using her PayPal account, and perhaps most famously, her hard drive.

In an update on her Facebook page, JWoww let everyone know the status of her watch and hard drive. While she says that the hard drive was destroyed, we can assume that Tom downloaded much of the images beforehand, since he's been trying to sell naked pictures of her.

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Just this week, a judge in Nassau county sided with JWoww, preventing her ex-boyfriend from releasing the photos. But that hasn't stopped Tom from giving gross interviews (like he has in the past) claiming that her concern over the photos is merely a publicity stunt on her part.

Perhaps more troubling is that on last night's After Show, JWoww said that their relationship was abusive, both emotionally and physically.


Additionally, JWoww's lawyer released an ominous statement, regarding the former couple's legal battles, intimating that Tom is somehow an even bigger scumbag than he appears. There's a lot more to the story that Jenni has not released yet. We're thinking about releasing background information so that people can get a better picture of the crap that he's trying to do and what these pictures truly represent."



I'd be pretty mad even if it weren't for the dogs. Her boyfriend was clearly an abusive piece of garbage and it was honestly heartbreaking to hear her coming out with the fact that he "treated her like shit." I'm sure we've all been there and can sympathize. That poor girl.

ETA: I understand people feel sympathy for the dogs but Jesus, isn't her plight more tragic?