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Justin Timberlake's Shorts: Plaid On The Inside?

Illustration for article titled Justin Timberlakes Shorts: Plaid On The Inside?

[Las Vegas, September 2. Image via Flynet]


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I am a *Timbaland* not a JT fan. The only thing I love about the album are the beats. His asinine lyrics (Hi my name is Bob/and I work at my job) and squealing is absolute torture for me (Honestly, I had to stop the tracks; it was *that* bad). When you throw in his personality, it is just too much for me. He's a glorified dancer.

Fashion-wise: I don't get the whole prepster on the top, and then the new "ugly" trend on the bottom. Schizophrenia only works in fashion when you're the designer.*

*This is not part of his line.