Justin Timberlake, Failed Philanthropist • Burned Afghan Teacher Wants Acid Thrown On Attackers

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• Some celebrities give big charitable donations, Forbes reports, but others give less than their foundations cost to run (we're looking at you, Justin Timberlake). • A new Australian study claims that women in menopause gain weight not because they eat more but because they exercise less due to age and lifestyle constraints. • A British man was sentenced to life in prison today for fathering 7 children with his daughters whom he abused over a 25-year period. •• New research suggests that single mothers spend close to the same amount of time with their children as married mothers and the only determining factor in time difference has to do with socio-economic, not marital, status. • Joran van der Sloot, the Dutch man suspected of being involved in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, first claimed and then denied that he had sold Holloway to a Venezuelan man in Aruba in 2005. • A poem that Paul McCartney wrote for the late comedian Spike Milligen sold for £6,000 at a recent auction. • Meanwhile, a document that may reveal the real Eleanor Rigby of the famous Beatles' song is going to auction on Thursday. • The recent online suicide of Abraham Biggs has brought some attention to the stigma against mental health treatment among black men and their high suicide rate. • A Russian investigator claims that the Georgians have deployed a group of female snipers from Ukraine and Latvia which some says recalls the mythical "white tights" of Chechen war lore. • The Moor Arabs of rural Mauritania view rotund women as desirable and often send girls to "fat farms" where they are force fed fattening foods to gain weight. • Want to bring your hamsters with you everywhere you go? Now you can with this smart-looking hamster vest! • The Ministry of Women's Affairs in the UK released a report that revealed that a quarter of the female population in Cambodia face domestic abuse and many Cambodians think it is acceptable for a husband to assault his wife. • The new schools minister in the UK says that she believes single-sex science lessons would be good for girls who may feel that boys hog the limelight. • Parents in Claremont, California are clashing over a 40-year-old tradition of having Claremont kindergartners dress in pilgrim and Native American costumes for Thanksgiving, which one mother calls "dehumanizing" to Native Americans. • More on Eri Yoshida, the first female — and youngest — professional baseball player in Japan: some critics claim that she is making fair competition between men and women in sports look easy and that her recruitment was purely for publicity. • Facial Yoga: a good way to ward off wrinkles or just a silly hoax that involves making goofy faces? • A trial of peer-led sex education in England found that it was not more effective at reducing teen abortions but that it was preferred over teacher-led sex education. • Meanwhile, anti-choice groups in England are allowed to give presentations in schools where they are winning converts to the anti-choice cause by showing students images of rare and graphic abortions of fetuses from later terms of pregnancy. • Santa Clara County — home to Silicon Valley — is the lowest ranked county in California for hiring women in leadership roles. • Nuskaal, an Afghan teacher who was burned by acid attacks on female schoolchildren and teachers earlier this month, wants the Afghan government to throw acid on her attackers and then hang them. •

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I think the arguments over Thanksgiving are fair enough; Celebrating how the Puritans systematically ripped off the Native Americans isn't really cause to indulge. I understand the other themes of Thanksgiving such as 'togetherness', but that's still a pretty big one to overlook.