Justin Bieber Instagrammed His Many, Many Feels About Selena Gomez

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There is now proof that “one is the loneliest number,” and you can find it on Justin Biebers Instagram.


Bieber, who sadly thinks he is two inches too small (in height, guys, in height) has all the feels lately. So many feels. Whether it be the after-effects from his fictional space machine, or because he definitely did not come within a 200-yard radius of Beyoncé in an Airbnb’ed mansion is not known. Whatever it is, it’s making him root through Instagram pic after Instagram pic in search of better times with ex-gf Selena Gomez.

The person who is still somehow my favorite lesbian style icon took to social media to post a very sad #TBT on a non-Thursday featuring the former couple kissing on a beach in 2014.

The caption? “Feels.”

It’s so many feels that only one “feel” could suffice.

This isn’t the first time Justin has publicly pined for Selena on the Internet, which in my estimation means one of two things: a) like many of us do at 2AM when we’re schmammered and back at home after a night out, he likes Facebook-stalking his exes to just to make everything slightly worse in his life, or b) it’s getting a little creepy?

Oh Bieber, it’s okay. Listening to Tegan and Sara always works for me. [People]

Tyga and his paramour Kylie Jenner were spotted on Friday night on the Sunset Strip doing as you do: heading to the club with guy flashing a pistol, who may or may not be an actual person allowed to carry a gun.


As TMZ reported:

“Tyga had just left Hyde in WeHo when he hopped in his Rolls to drive off. The guy in the back seat was clearly brandishing a pistol. It’s unclear if the armed guy got inside the club, where Tyga and Kylie partied.”


TMZ also posted some pics of the firearm, which everyone seemed pretty “lolz laissez-faire” about.

Anyone else a little nervous? I’m a little nervous. [TMZ]

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Everything about Tyga and Kylie’s night out makes me uncomfortable. The casual flashing of a gun, the casual flashing of a gang sign, the casual flashing of Kylie’s underwear when Tyga pulled her skirt up for whoever was filming them making out.

I’ve been fairly ambivalent about the two of them because I remember making bad decisions when I was her age. But now I’m calling it - they’re fucking gross.