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Justin Bieber Got a New Puppy: Will This End Well?

Illustration for article titled Justin Bieber Got a New Puppy: Will This End Well?

Justin Bieber got a new pet and nothing good can come of this.

"Say hello to the newest member of the bieber family #Esther," the human rat 'stache wrote on Instagram yesterday, alongside the photo of a very sweet looking Yorkshire Terrier puppy.


Look at Esther. So young. So full of promise. And so, so doomed. Don't believe me? Here's a history of Bieber's previous pets:


Pac, the hamster. Given to a random fan at a meet-and-greet, dead three months later.

Mally, the Capuchin monkey. Abandoned in Germany, now recovering at the Hodenhagen Serengeti Wildlife Park, where one zookeeper is quoted as saying, "I would not like to meet Justin Bieber because I would not have pleasant things to say to him." Same, zookeeper. Same.


Karma, the American Bulldog. Bought by Justin, named by fans and put in the care of his father, Jeremy Bieber. After Karma bites one of Justin's brothers, Jeremy allegedly throws the dog off a second-story balcony into a snow bank and then abandons it with trainer Trevor Dvernichuk.


And now: Esther. Poor, adorable Esther. Does she even stand a chance? We now throw this to the court of public opinion:


Perhaps a better question: Who keeps giving animals to Justin Bieber?


Thank you for participating in these very important polls. Pray4Esther.

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