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Justin Bieber Could Be Sued For $1 Million Over Egging a Dude's House

Illustration for article titled Justin Bieber Could Be Sued For $1 Million Over Egging a Dudes House

Remember last January when Justin Bieber - was not a boy, not yet a man with six-pack abs - and egged his neighbor's house? Baby Bieber coughed up $80,000 for damages and was slapped with a two-year probation for that one.


And now it looks like he might not even be in the clear. From the Independent:

But his former neighbour Jeff Schwartz is now threatening to sue for a further $1 million (£670,000) over claims his reputation as a car salesman has been damaged, US celebrity site TMZreported.

According to the lawsuit, the 2013 incident took place after Schwartz confronted Bieber for speeding around their neighbourhood in his Ferrari, claiming he was endangering the lives of other residents.


Aggrieved neighbor is saying baby Bieber and his crew did some other pretty nasty stuff to him too:

Rolling Stone reports that the former neighbour also claims he was spat on by the singer, and was verbally abused with 'anti-Semitic insults' by Bieber's bodyguards.

A spokesman for the star, who has since moved from his home in Calabasas, California, has denied Schwartz' claims.

Hmmmmmm, bad if true.

But maybe all will be forgiven if he does a cover of this one:

Image via AP

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The Gaysian

He really should be sued for that mustache. It alone is a crime for our eyes to see.