Just So You Know, Cindy McCain's Jacket Does Not Indicate Support For Red Menace/Red China/Red Guards

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  • For the record, Cindy McCain is not a radical leftist enemy of freedom Alger Hiss meets John Walker Lindh type character. No she is not. [Fox News]
  • More evidence of Obama "plagiarism" of Del Patrick being posted on YouTube by a "'rival campaign' (Gravel?)" Joke courtesy my venerable colleague Jim Newell, with whom I G-chat frequently. [Wonkette]
  • Sometimes I don't really get why some of y'all hate Obama supporters so much, as if he is like Dave Matthews or some shit, but then I checked the first comment on Matthew Yglesias' blog entry today and yeah I rolled my eyes. [Atlantic]
  • I can't find the link but there was a heartwarming story on Barack Obama's high school crush on CNN today and they kept repeating the name of the school because it was "Punani." I swear.
  • Another day, another attractive young twentysomething woman enters the education profession in hopes of granting some precocious young man Early Admission into Cougarversity! [AP]
  • Awesome press release headline of the day: "Jordin 'Sparks' Interest In Malaria." [Malaria No More]
  • Austen Ivereigh, the well-remunerated spokesman of a Roman Catholic Cardinal in the U.K., forced an ex-girlfriend to murder her unborn child and yet somehow no one is talking about jail time for this weiner. [Telegraph]
  • Well this sure seems shitty. [Detroit Free-Press]
  • The American Apparel trial began today! They tried to do the whole "arbitration" thing but after a few days of exposure to Dov Charney the judge was just like, Fuck this, I'm getting a jury in here so I can go to sleep. [CNBC]
  • Speaking of Dov Charney, he and Jesus have found something to agree on. [CNN]
  • I want to have his babies of the day: E.J. Dionne. [Wash Post]
  • I want to have his trust fund babies of the day: Jamie Johnson. (Yeah, Josiah Hornblower is taken.) [Huffington Post]



What IS up with that hair! Wicked ugly...When did she have the stroke? I remember back the last time McCain was running for prez, she had some depression problems, now it's a stroke and drug abuse? And a walking fashion "don't" besides...poor dear.