Well, that was quick. Texas Governor Rick Perry has already called another special session of the state legislature in an attempt to resuscitate the draconian anti-abortion legislation that Wonder Woman State Senator Wendy Davis just filibustered for 13 hours.


Rebecca "Burt" Rose

Just posted this to Groupthing, basically—NO PITY PARTIES, GUYS! We need to keep the fight strong! Stay positive, stay focused!

We knew this would happen, guys. Sorry if you are shocked/bummed, but it was always a foregone conclusion that he would do this.

The hope right now is that the opposition has rattled enough cages to either get the Dems who were for it back on the opposing side or come up with some kind of compromise that is less extreme. WHO KNOWS?

We have a really long way to go in Texas, you guys. It won't happen over night and you don't give up because you have a few setbacks. You have to keep fighting. It's a constant uphill battle.

And I hate to say it like this—but SB5 passing might even do more good in terms of galvanizing and mobilizing voters. Rick Perry is out after this term. HE DONT GIVA FUCK about us or our cause. He is just here to get himself famous enough to get money on the speaking circuit and get himself a book deal. Oh well. Can't do nothin' bout that now.

But what we can do is keep registering voters, keep fighting back when they try and pull bullshit, keep exposing their lies—it will take time, but it will happen.