Just Pointing Your Body Wherever It Seemed Like A Good Idea

Liz Phair is reissuing Exile In Guyville on some label owned by Dave Matthews that sounds like the name of a wrestling fraternity (and that, to its credit, also gave us Ben Kweller). Exile in Guyville is not that great a conversational topic since I think we can all agree that to deny its greatness is on par with killing puppies and date rape, but the question is: when did you stop listening to Liz? I totally held out until she colluded with those malevolent Avril Lavigne Svengali producers The Matrix. (You know how I'm all "Fuck discretion?" Yeah, well, everyone has their limits and mine is writing a song called "Hot White Cum.") Anyway, name your favorite Liz song here; bonus points if it's post-Exile like the song referenced in my headline! [Pitchfork]

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