Just Look at All of the Interesting Films Directed by Women and Not Nominated for an Oscar

Wow, there were a lot of very impressive woman-directed films this year, none of which got Best Director nominations. But, hey, at least the Academy is recognizing dark horses like Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen. That's some sort of progress, right?

To The Academy: Consider the Women [Women and Hollywood]

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This video sort of makes the wrong point. None of those movies would have been even close to being nominated for a best directing Oscar. They were either too small (Circumstance), not eligible (Pariah) or not critically well received (We Need to Talk About Kevin, In the Land of Blood and Honey). This is sort of like the article on that Superbowl Best Buy commercial. It's not enough to say "Hey, these women did stuff too, why weren't they picked!" when the stuff they created is not on par with the stuff that was picked.

Rather than demanding that lesser movies be nominated just because they were directed by women, we need to ask why women aren't being given the chance to direct films that ARE worthy of nomination. Why, for instance, was Bridesmaids, the movie that's been hailed as a crowning accomplishment for women this year, directed by Paul Feig? Why did Kathryn Stockett sell The Help, an undeniably women-centric movie, to a man?