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Just How Do You Give Yourself An Herbal Abortion?

Illustration for article titled Just How Do You Give Yourself An iHerbal/i Abortion?

So guys, you know you're sort of playing into the babykilling hands of Yale fetus artist Aliza Shvarts here. Not because, you know, her method was maybe a smart way to address the Meaning Of An Embryo — as in, an embryo achieved via modern methods and stripped of all the mostly well-intentioned mix of very palpably human phenomena that generally places such things in unwelcoming uteri (i.e. lust, pleasure, intimacy, emotional attachment, faulty use of prophylactics, the possible attendant never-acknowledged romantic debate over whether said failure is attributable to A "Reason" that can only ever conclude in "I just can't right now") (or, in the case of miscarriage, the tragedy of the body's refusal to abide the desire to procreate) — but because she claims she expelled them through use of legal and herbal abortificients and that is totally an absurd (or "absurdist", whatever) joke. Right, Google?


We all know well that to get rid of your baby at home you should generally submit yourself to the inimitable mix of RU-486 and — UGH — cytotec they give you at the abortion clinic? I looked on the internet and all the sites you get upon Googling "herbal abortion" are like "DUUUUUDE, TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT THAT THIS IS A MATTER FOR MODERN MEDICINE."


Herbal Abortions

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I so don't believe this woman. It is really sick what she is doing, and who is to say that she is actually preggers each time? Is it being verified by a physician? Black cohosh is some strong shit, and I think she'd be dead by now.