Just Got Dumped? Maybe It's Time To Scream, Stalk, And Embrace Your Inner Stacy

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After hearing about the Herpes Avenger, the Brooklyn woman who plastered the face of an STD-carrying former lover all over her neighborhood and the internets, my first thought was Jesus, what a psycho. But then I read what Moe wrote about her boyfriend and "acting like a typically-female species of psychopath" after a breakup and I thought, huh, maybe the behavior of the herpes harlot is actually semi-justifiable! Because let's be honest. We've all been that girl before. At least I have. I freely admit that I peed on my freshman year boyfriend's porch after he dumped me, and I also might have fucked someone's best friend after he refused to break up with me in person. I polled the other Jezebels, and apparently each one of us has been known to pay a visit psychotown on occasion.


Beyond the run-of-the-mill cyberstalking, drunk dialing, and boning of the ex-bf's friends (a particular fave 'round these parts), one Jezebel "briefly had a blog on which I would take note of changes in his MySpace profile and speculate as to which of his newly-added female friends he was doing. Also I would send him text messages along the lines of 'I want to shit in your eye.'" Oooh, clever, and cached for eternity!

Anna asks, "Does publishing an entire book on breakups count as psycho? I. WAS. PISSED." Not psycho! I've found that writing about break-ups is the best revenge!

Another Gawker media blogger says, "I spray-painted SLUT on a dude's dorm room door once after I found out he was hooking up with both me and this girl in my creative class who I hated." Oooh, effective and hard to get rid of!

In fact, even being called psycho (or "crazy" or "dramatic") in the first place is often just a way for guys to marginalize what they perceive as messy female emotions. Yale social psychologist Victoria Brescoll, in an article about male vs. female tears, puts it this way: "When men express anger they gain status, but when women express anger they lose status." So the next time you're disrespected, don't be afraid to fight unfair notions of lady hysteria and unleash the beast.


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The last time my extreme CP (aka "crazy pussy") came out that I can recall was when I was in college and my ex and I were columnists on the school paper. We spent a good two months writing thinly veiled columns about each other.

Otherwise, when my most recent ex and I had our last big fight, the last thing I said to him was, "Good luck with the married woman who'll never leave her husband for you!" to which he replied, "That hurt." Not sure if he was being serious or not, but I know that I tried to e-mail him an apology a day or so afterward. He responded with one telling me how much he hated me, that I needed therapy and that if I tried to hang out with HIS friends, he'd get "really mean" and "make my life miserable."