Just: Ew.

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  • Okay, I know you could say this of a lot of places but I think China has officially entered that realm where the FEAR that they somehow "jinxed" the Olympics by sending in those blue tracksuit guys is actually causing weird shit to happen. [IHT]
  • Obama gave a speech about how despite the fact that he has never spent any time at torture camp, he loves America. This is just so fundamentally weird to me. I mean, first of all, I know some genuinely unpatriotic people, and most of them are not even motivated enough to move to Canada or Cuba or whatever they babble about and they are definitely not motivated enough to run for president, and second of all, when they do they are usually such haters they immediately zero in on something they hate even worse about the rest of the world. [Washington Post]
  • That said if Mitt Romney becomes vice president I am fucking moving to Scandinavia. [Politico]
  • You know how much it sucks when you think of a punchline but it can't find a joke? Well, Dodai, the conservabloggers have officially found a home for "I wish I could force quit you!" [The Carpetbagger Report]
  • The Central Bank of Central Banks agrees: the global economy is headed for total armageddon! And Ben Bernanke's pumping up of the money supply has, ahem, not helped matters. [WSJ]
  • And if it gets so bad you're forced to buy you winter sweaters at Wal-Mart, take heart in the idea that the residents of Sweater City could use the twenty three cents. [WSJ]
  • Obama strongly condemned the "General Betray Us" slur. A little late but uh okay. I never really thought it was that apt a moniker coming from the MoveOn people anyway. I mean, it's not like David Petraeus was handpicked by Amnesty International to keep the peace in Iraq, but whatever. [The Hill]
  • The pharmaceutical industry is bitching and moaning about the lack of trust in its relationship with the FDA ever since the Vioxx affair, but maybe the pharmaceutical industry needs to think about spicing things up and giving something a little different from the same-old same-old cholesterol/hypertension/obesity drugs, you know? [WSJ]
  • The new World Trade Center building is not going to be finished by September 11, 2011, apparently because no one is actually in charge of the thing, which probably comes as a relief to banks who said they wanted to relocate there but can't really afford the bills right now. [WSJ]
  • Nuclear power would actually be a good idea if not for the fact that it can be so destructive. But really, the Burmese would probably tell you the same thing about the wind, right? And we'll all be fucked when the sun powering all our solar panels decides to explode so really, it's probably six in one, half dozen in the other as the saying goes. [WSJ]
  • Scenes from a focus group: "I have two sons in college and one who's a senior in high school. I can plod along and make it on my own, but I really don't see it for them. I mean, if college is costing $50,000 a year and all of the things that go along with that, I don't see them being even as successful as I was, and I'm not even as successful as my father was. . . . I'm a single mom taking care of three kids. . . . I'm thinking we do need change. I'm not certain that either one of the candidates is going to bring the changes that we need, but we certainly need change to make it better for them."
  • "I am registered as a Republican and considered myself as a Republican up until this president. Now I'm like, I don't know what I am. . . . I think that for most of my life my decisions have been made based on morals and family values and that whole belief system that I've had instilled in me since birth. And now all of a sudden our country is like turned upside down with all these economic issues that I haven't encountered in my lifetime and it's really making me second-guess, you know, voting for those ideals instead of voting for other issues that need to be dealt with." Wash Post]

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I always feel like the VP choice is more important than a lot of people think, especially with an aging candidate like McCain. When you hit the 70 mark it's not unlikely that you won't make a full term. And if your VP is scarier than you are...eesh.

Anyone else read The Carpetbagger Report one? Too hilarious."Asked how he felt, Homosexual said " A little fatigued." That'll teach you to auto-replace certain words.

Ugh, I'm so tired of "patriotism". At this point it's just an excuse to be nationalistic or xenophobic. The country is not perfect, in fact, it has HUGE problems. That's fact, not un-patriotic.