Just Call Us Alpha Guttermouths

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It was somewhat unsettling to find out, thanks to a new creation of the great minds that run the Internet, that if blogs were movies, we wouldn't have been allowed into ours as a fifth grader. Because as terribly hard as we try to watch our language, we, uh, apparently used some variation on the word "fuck" a lot, which is a habit we should probably start thinking about cooling off on. The English language is, after all, a rich trove of words that can convey and depict and evoke with a glorious precision that we cheapen — spit on, even — when we resort too often to our four-lettered friends, right? And speaking of language, then we got momentarily distracted by another of those stories hailing the dawn of a new word being bandied about to describe an important new lifestyle trend.

Girly at home, gutsy at work. Clark fits the description of an "alpha kitty" — a catchphrase making the rounds on the Internet for highly successful women who feel that they can be serious as well as frilly, even in worlds still ruled by alpha males."The alpha kitty movement is all about standing out," says Atoosa Rubenstein, a former magazine editor who promotes the alpha kitty ideal through her MySpace page (www.myspace.com/atoosaspage). "An alpha kitty is starring in her own movie and she wants the set to be glamorous."

Oh well you know what? Fuck that.

Fierce By Day And All Frills At Night [LA Times]

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None of my friends could get NC-17 no matter how hard we tried.