Just Because Nikki Finke Hates Everyone In Hollywood Doesn't Mean She Doesn't "Care"

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The New York Observer names LA Weekly blogger Nikki Finke its "Media Mensch Of The Year." If you don't know Nikki from our previous adulation, she's a veteran Hollywood journalist with a bottomless reserve of outrage re media consolidation, hypocrisy, conflicts-of-interest, chauvinist arrogance disguised as entrepreneurial "vision"...um, basically everything I hate also? Anyway, Nikki's blog Deadline Hollywood Daily has "owned" coverage of the Writer's Strike because she is not "owned" by anyone and also because she has realized to her surprise that she actually cares about Hollywood. "The writers don't get that the studios don't care," she said. "They think that the shareholders would care or the bosses would care or Wall Street would care or the government or Congress or the viewers—they don't care." Then she adds: "I didn't know I cared." Turns out she cares. And it's not for the reason you might think. On a personal level, you see, she sort of hates everyone in town.


"I don't want to have dinner with these people," she said. "I don't want to be a part of their social life." She's the ultimate in uncompromised reporting; on her site, you never see the now journalistically ubiquitous, and always deflating, "full disclosure" clause, as in, "full disclosure: I play tennis with [so-and-so's] husband in the Hamptons every summer."

Well full disclosure, I used to live with Doree Shafrir, the writer of that New York Observer piece, who actually helped me get this here job at Jez when she was an editor at Gawker. I didn't link to this story because of that, but because I'm a big fan of people who hate hypocrisy, oligarchies and the mindless acceptance of unregulated market capitalism as a virtuous thing, as Doree and the Heathers and Anna and Slut Machine and anyone who is friends with me knows from drinking in my presence. Of course, I'm also trying to get page views. So is Nikki Finke. So is Doree, I assume. So, you know, it's complicated.

Where do you draw the line? Is it possible to be a decent person and a nice person? A loving misanthrope? Can you be a good friend and a puller of few punches? Ugh...I dunno. We may never answer these questions. But we have to think about them! Choose our battles, etc.!

That's all.

The Media Mensch Of The Year! [NY Observer]



I think misanthropes are such because they know people can be better and they do not wish to mask their disappointment. If they didn't believe people could be better, that this intellectual cesspool called Earth could not improve, we'd be optimists, smugly grinning over puny successes.