Just About All of Hollywood Might Boycott Georgia If Governor Doesn't Veto Anti-Gay Bill

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A bill passed by the Georgia legislature that would allow “discrimination against LGBT people and others by citing religious beliefs” is currently sitting on the desk of the state’s governor, Nathan Deal. But if he signs it, nearly all of Hollywood’s biggest studios—including Disney, Marvel, and Viacom—plan on boycotting the state.


The Advocate reports House Bill 757 would “allow adoption and foster care agencies, homeless shelters, drug clinics, food pantries, and for-profit businesses to refuse service to LGBT people.” In an open letter signed by A-listers like Lee Daniels, Julianne Moore, and Marisa Tomei, the Human Rights Campaign urged Governor Deal to veto the bill, writing:

As you know, Atlanta is often referred to as the Hollywood of the South. During the last fiscal year, at least 248 films and television productions were shot in Georgia, adding at least $1.7 billion in direct spending to the state’s economy... We pride ourselves on running inclusive companies, and while we have enjoyed a positive partnership on productions in Georgia, we will plan to take our business elsewhere if any legislation sanctioning discrimination is signed into state law.

We urge you to veto H.B. 757 and send a strong message that Georgia will not tolerate discrimination against citizens, employees and visitors to the state.

As of Thursday afternoon, studios who have released statements either condemning the bill or threatening to boycott the state of Georgia include Disney, Viacom, CBS, Comcast NBC Universal (good lord, what a name), AMC, Discovery, Time Warner, Lions Gate, The Weinstein Company, Starz, and Sony.

So basically, you know, Hollywood.

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Meyer Lansky Sqarrs

How about North Carolina and all the other states pulling this bullshit?