I think the fashion industry can sense a recession, because that's when it always seems to trot out the most idiotic new trends it doesn't expect even rich people to actually buy, and then flimsily relate them to the "era." Such as the jumpsuit. I'm sure someone will link this stupid fad to a veneration for our blue-collar workforce, an ode to simplicity and thrift, and oh look here:

Yes, there are hints of Guantánamo Bay, and the jumpsuit is decidedly old blue-collar, but that's why I find it so delicious... Jumpsuits traditionally work for hard labour because you can forget you've got the thing on and focus on the job.

Right. Anyway, we think that on the lady-side of things this trend doesn't even look particularly good on Gisele, though after the jump we'll show you something strange: someone it does look kind of hot on:

Yeah, it's a fashion spread from Cosmo — arguably the most middle-American of the lady mags. They don't even give you the price! Because you wouldn't actually want to ever buy it.


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