Juliette Lewis Is In Jerusalem For Some Reason, And Sometimes Life Isn't Fair

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The market totally rallied today, especially Apple, which meant the rich got richer! How very appropriate for the second anniversary of such an historic occasion of poor getting poorer! In other news, census data suggests America's middle class is not exactly thriving.

  • And speaking of Katrina, various Louisiana towns observed its anniversary by banning those baggy pants worn by all the minorities who got them into that mess to begin with.
  • We sort of believed the movie 2 Days In Paris about this even though it's pretty clear Julie Delpy is crazy but yo, the French really are assholes to poor, disenfranchised types.
  • Ron Paul is the presidential candidate supported by strippers successful enough to know anything about paying taxes.
  • While Obama is the candidate of people who relish vandalizing Karl Rove's Jaguar.
  • John McCain pointed Senator Craigslist might do well to resign, seeing how his party's approval ratings are starting to look poorer than McCain's campaign coffers. resigning.
  • The government of Pakistan is about to be led by a his-hers couple with years of dysfunctional history and bad blood between them. Allies, just like US.
  • The Taliban released most of their South Korean Christian hostages in exchange for an agreement from the government to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan because some countries are too small to just flat-out refuse to "negotiate with terrorists" and now the Taliban has added legitimacy and remember how they were the ones who housed Osama Bin Laden in the first place? Yeah, scary.
  • Richard Jewell, the security guard falsely accused of the 1996 Olympic bombing, died.

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Juliette's a Scientologist, so my guess is she's part of some advance team to set up their Middle Eastern Celebrity Center. And she donned a Kaballah bracelet, a kafir and folded her hands in a Christian pose of prayer to show she's totally neutral, man. They do like to cover their bases.