Julie Andrews' The Very Fairy Princess Will Become a TV Series

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Julie Andrews is a busy lady. First she announced she'd be writing another memoir; now a picture book series she co-writes is being adapted into an animated TV series for preschoolers. Tell little miss Fancy Nancy she better WATCH HER BACK.


Deadline reports that The Very Fairy Princess and its sequels, about a girl who's pretty sure she's a fairy princess, have been optioned by Nelvana Enterprises. Andrews, who writes them with her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, said:

"The books are all about celebrating individuality.... We hope to encourage kids to rejoice in their own unique passions and talents — even if they're different from that of their family or friends, and Nelvana is the perfect partner to bring our beloved Very Fairy Princess to a wider audience."


And yet STILL no movie adaptation of Mandy. Where's our movie adaptation of Mandy, Dame Julie Andrews????

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I spent last night getting drunk and watching old episodes of Graham Norton and could not deal with the on-going joke about she and Jonah Hill getting married. So good. She pulls off unrelenting class with more humility and practiced compassion than any of them other Dames.

Smith is more delightfully austere. Dench more of a plucky workhorse. Lansbury more spacey and doting. I just want all of them to live in a house together a la Big Brother and let me watch a live stream 24/7. It'll be called Grande Dames and it will be the greatest thing ever.