Julia Allison Asks: What About Fashion Makes You Want To Hurl?

Okay, so you got the joke: Fashion Week makes us puke. Hence we're giving out barf bags!! At Bryant Park! Just steps away from Vera Wang! Right now!! But just as we each have our own personal style, we all have our own personal reasons for feeling the tongue sweat during Fashion Week. For Jennie it's the free booze because she is a pussy who cannot hold her liquor, for Dodai it's the dyspeptic thrill of an encounter with Seth Cohen, for me it's (duh) the commodity fetishism, and for Anna it's the queasy anxiety of being surrounded by self-promoting social climbers who will stop at nothing to feed their abiding, insatiable need for attention. Meet Julia Allison, folks! When the acclaimed feminist pundit texted me confessing to having "stress" eaten an entire plate of gorditas on Wednesday, I knew I'd stumbled upon the perfect, empathetic soul to ask passing fashion editors such probing (heh) questions as, "What designer makes you want to puke?" and "What's worse, a fat model? Or a straight designer?"


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