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Judy Blume Doesn't Back Down From Censors

Our girl Judy Blume has a whopping five titles on the American Library Association's "Most Challenged Books" list. In this clip from Current TV, Blume defends herself and her books against evil PTA members who continue to ban her informative, delightful, classic Young Adult novels. Of the oft-banned Forever, Blume says, "I wanted to allow a young woman to enjoy her sexuality, which I think is the thing that got me in so much trouble." Damn the man. Save Judy!

Judy Blume v. Censors [Current TV]
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I just checked out the ALA challenged list, it's absurd. If they are going to try to ban classics and/or important 20th century literature along with informative non-fiction )"What's Happening to my Body? Book for Girls: A Growing-Up Guide for Parents & Daughters"), why doesn't anyone object to romance novels which are basically soft-core porn?