Judith Regan Vs. Rupert Murdoch: Who Has The Bigger Cock?

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Former HarperCollins imprint editor and assistant taunting "crazy bitch" Judith Regan finally filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against NewsCorp, HarperCollins' parent company yesterday, almost a year after she was fired for planning a certain O.J. Simpson confessional and also for alleged anti-Semitic remarks. Regan, who reportedly used to scream, "I have the biggest cock in the building" is brandishing her figurative phallus with this suit. She accuses Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp of launching a smear campaign against her because of her affair with former Giuliani police commissioner Bernie Kerik and alleges that a "senior News Corp. executive told her he believed she had information about Kerik that could hurt Giuliani's campaign and she should lie to federal investigators."


Regan also says that HarperCollins encouraged "a culture of gossip, back-stabbing, negative leaks and hostility." This from a woman who used to call her assistants cunts who only had a job because of her hard work. Regan insists that she was made to take the fall for the bad publicity sullying the O.J. imaginary confession, If I Did It and her lawsuit also alleges "that Rupert Murdoch personally approved the Simpson project and suggested that she pay $1 million for the deal." Say what you will about Regan, but everything she publishes, even her lawsuits, are juicy!

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@RainbowBrite: I think after I read about her inexplicable and random outbursts, I caring about anything else I read.

And I hope it's literal because a figurative fuck just isn't worth all the crap you have to put up with being someone's assistant.