Judi Dench: "Fashion Is Not An Art Form. If It's Anything At All It's Pornography."

The trailer for Rage, Sally Potter's fashion industry whodunnit, makes the movie look like either the most ambitiously brilliant — or over-its-head silly — thing the British filmmaker has done since her 1992 adaptation of Orlando with Tilda Swinton.

For one thing, Jude Law stars, in drag, as a supermodel named Minx. Lily Cole, glimpsed here briefly in the trailer, plays model Lettuce Leaf; Dame Judi Dench is the fashion critic, and Simon Abkarian, who starred in Potter's 2005 film Yes, does a brilliant-looking turn as a very Galliano-esque fashion designer named Merlin. Even Eddie Izzard, Steve Buscemi, John Leguizamo, and Dianne Wiest pop up in the ensemble cast.

Apparently, the movie — which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year and was nominated for the Golden Bear — proceeds entirely in the form of interviews, apparently recorded by a young film student backstage at fashion house where an accident on the runway becomes the subject of a murder investigation. Michelangelo, as the unseen film student is known, posts the confessional clips on the Internet. Whether the technique of forcing the audience to imagine all the plot's action will lead to filmic brilliance — or maddening frustration — can't be judged from a trailer alone. But on the strength of the visuals — Jude Law preening in a corset, Eddie Izzard in a three-piece suit — and the writing — photographer Steve Buscemi musing on shooting people versus shooting people, Judi Dench comparing fashion to "pornography to which millions are addicted" — we're excited to find out.

Rage Trailer [YouTube]
Rage The Movie [Official Site]

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Dear god, I want Judy Dench's hair RIGHT NOW.

Also...I have never liked Jude Law in terms of looks...until now. That's just...wow.