Judge Tells Young Defendant He Would Be 'Raped Every Day' If He Goes to Jail

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A New Mexico judge decided to eschew subtleties when she gave a first-time offender a very explicit picture of what life in jail might be like.

18-year-old Isaiah Gay was charged with burglarizing homes with friends. According to the Independent Journal Review, Gay told Judge Christina Argyres he committed the crimes because he was impulsive. “I was just being young and dumb,” he said.

This is when Judge Argyres pulled a very Scared Straight-esque move. “Do you know what would happen…to a young a dumb person in prison?” she asked. “Do you have any idea what would happen to you? You would probably be raped every day, for one. And I hate to sound like that, you know — rude, but that’s exactly what would happen to you.”


Gay was facing a maximum prison sentence of 15 years. “He’s going to be somebody’s — I hate to use the word ‘bitch,’ but that’s exactly what he’s going to be…so I am willing to put him on probation,” Judge Argyres explained. She gave Gay a final warning. “I’m willing to give you a chance,” she said. “You bow it, it’s on you, not me. Fair enough?” He was sentenced to five years of probation.

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Does anyone have stories about judges being total dicks to you? I have one and it STILL MAKES ME MAD TO THIS day