Judge Rules Against Bill Cosby's Latest Attempt to Toss Janice Dickinson's Defamation Suit

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On Monday, in Los Angeles, a judge rejected Bill Cosby’s latest attempt to have Janice Dickinson’s defamation lawsuit against him dismissed.


Judge Debre Weintraub requested that both parties “submit further briefing,” according to Deadline, which Dickinson’s attorney Lisa Bloom says she’s happy to do. The case has up till this point been delayed by an anti-SLAPP motion filed by Cosby’s lawyers—which argues, essentially, that when the comedian and his former lawyer Marty Singer called Dickinson “a liar” after she publicly accused Cosby of sexual assault, their words were protected by free speech.

Earlier this month, a judge removed Singer, who was also named as a defendant in Dickinson’s defamation case against Cosby, from the suit. Cosby and Dickinson are still slated to return to court on March 29.


Cosby is also scheduled to appear in court in Pennsylvania on March 8 for a felony charge involving the case of Andrea Constand, whom he’s suing for speaking to police about the assault he allegedly committed in 2004. Elsewhere, Cosby is still facing defamation suits from eight other women, which led to his wife Camille Cosby’s deposition last week; he has dropped his own defamation suit against Beverly Johnson.

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