Judge Judy sat down with NYC CBS News reporter Kristine Johnson to discuss various things, from Sarah Palin to Michelle Obama to JJ's mentoring program for young girls. As always, she's very fair: She's obviously an Obama supporter, but doesn't understand how people can say they "hate" Sarah Palin if they don't know her personally. She thinks Michelle Obama is "dynamite" and "quite a partner." The interview that aired on the news tonight is only two minutes long, but the full 20 minute interview is available online to view, and i strongly recommend watching it. She talks in further detail about her mentoring program for girls, saying, "The problem with women is that, historically, they don't know their worth in the workplace. They'd prefer to be liked rather than respected. [We] shouldn't have to choose between the two. We should be both." She's a living testament to that! Judge Judy Sheinlin: Life Away From The Bench [CBS News]