Vanity Fair held a party for the Tribeca Film Festival at the State Supreme Courthouse, so it only makes sense that Judge Judith Sheindlin would shine in her element.

So chic in a tailored pantsuit! And you just know that little bow necklace is made of real gems. Maybe it was a gift from Jerry. Or maybe not. She can buy her own jewelry! She's rich, 10 million people tune in everyday to watch her. P.S. Never co-sign on a loan for a car for someone else.

Leelee Sobieski's Oxford shirt gown was a nice compromise for a warm formal night. Helena Christensen's eyelet dress seemed too daytime in The Hamptons. Tory Burch's modern-day flapper, dropped-waist dress looked great on her, but it's definitely not a silhouette that everyone can wear.


Catherine Zeta Jones is gorgeous and everything but I've never understood the allure of one-armed clothing. Julia Louis-Dreyfus lace nude allusion shows off her rocking bod. And I believe Katie Couric is in a backless jumpsuit, which means she had to get completely naked whenever she peed.


From a distance, Dakota Fanning's free-form headpiece looks like a Photoshopped crooked halo.

In a city where people usually wear black or muted tones, it was nice to see some pops of color: Wendy Murdoch, Ivanka Trump, and Diane von Furstenberg.


Showing off the gams: Nicole Trunfio in a micro mini, Donna Karan in a leg brace, and Jessica White Jolie-ing.