Judge Judy Rips eBay Scammer A New Asshole

The Judge Judy clip above may be one of my all time favorites. This really despicable chick posted an eBay auction for two cellphones, with a complete, detailed description of the items, except at the bottom she added in fine print "For photo only." A woman and her daughter won the auction for about $450 and were mailed two printer copy images of the phones the phones they thought they were purchasing. They contacted the sellers, who laughed at them and told them to take them to court, and then thanked them for the shopping spree. Unbelievable, right? JJ totally goes off on the seller, calls her an idiot, threatens to call child protective services on her for bringing criminal activity into her home, and finally, awards the maximum $5000 to the plaintiff. Justice is served.



As much as I would hate to be scammed like this, $5k is overkill. I think Judge Judy often weighs her own moral feelings of a court case, more than the legal aspects. She has done things like this at least enough times to count on one or two hands.

If she doesn't believe someone, even if they are right (rare), she gives the case to the opposing side due to attitude or rudeness of the party that was justified as deserving to give/get the money.

Of course, if the parties agree to go on judge judy, they should know that they need to dress right, and act accordingly....

But Still... five fucking thousand dollars? That's 1100% inflation... I would appeal the amount, even if I was a fat scamming cow bitch.