Judge Judy Launches a Website and Vlog Series

Within the first 20 seconds of her introductory vlog for her new advice site What Would Judy Say?, Judge Judy addresses and dismisses haters: "Don't kvetch and complain. If you're not a Judge Judy fan find another forum." Although this is her first foray into the internet (she notoriously hates computers and social media) since her television show began 16 years ago, she's already dealing with trolls like a seasoned blogging pro. She will have no baloney on her virtual territory!


The videos are brief and lo-fi (if you turn the volume up loud enough, you can hear her stomach growling), which lends them a sort of intimate feel, despite the very scripted dialogue. Several times a month, she will weigh in on common topics and asks readers and watchers to "share ideas about life." This week, she tackles "roommates with benefits," saying of people who live in sin: When I was young, living together without the benefit of marriage just wasn't done. Now that it's the norm, I have one simple rule for you: joint nothing; separate everything!


What Would Judy Say?

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You know who needs some Judge Judy? Congress.

I also think Tabatha (of Tabatha Takes Over... fame) would be good at unleashing some hell in that regard. Just berate them into getting their act together and dropping the foolishness. She intimidates me just through the tv screen.